Aroma Oil

Aroma Oil

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Aromatherapy relieves stress and tension, relieves unreasonable anxiety and depression. It can significantly improve the quality of life of people with certain chronic diseases. Improve sleep and provide a more rapid sleep.

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  • Sabai-arom Urban Happiness Take Control Healing Oils, 3...

    "TAKE CONTROL" PETIT TRIO ON THE GO - This "Take Control" aroma bunch is designed and teamed up to help you think clear, foster your guts to believe in your own potentialities and inspire you to stay collected at any state.

    600 ฿
  • Natural Therapeutic Pure Essential Oil, 5 ml

    100% natural essential oils produced in Thailand are able to remove the heat, to increase or decrease the pressure, fight viruses and inflammation, act as an antispasmodic, analgesic and antiseptic, completely replace antibiotics, improve immunity. This proactive, all-natural way to maintain a good psychological and emotional and physical form.

    80 ฿
  • Aromatic diffuser, 30 ml

    Diffuser is a new elegant alternative air freshener which enhance fragrant benefit to the atmosphere of your living home, long lasting and highly effective fragrance is absorbed through the rattan reeds and slowly diffuser the aromatic scent into any room.

    200 ฿
  • Thai Sleep Balm with Lavender for insomnia, 30 g

    Balm with lavender will calm the nervous system and helps you fall asleep. This balm is a great way to relax and sleep easy. The structure consists of balsam oil of lavender, bergamot and orange. This drug is often used in aromatherapy helps to neutralize stress conditions and emotional instability. Improves mood and sleep. 

    200 ฿
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